Monday, August 13, 2012

Well, that didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would, Havana Doily Update 4

It's just like me to take a close up picture of the BACKSIDE!     BUT it's a wonderful time to  thank Jane Eborall for her wonderful instruction for joining without a color blip!!
I am not the best at the technique, and sometimes I forget to do it, but it looks a lot better than it would, don't you think?

Last night when I shared the picture of row 7 done, I just knew that row 8 was going to take forever to finish.  But... here I am only about 14 hours later... and it's finished. AND I slept, got Livi ready for school, walked her to school and then took another break or two in there somewhere. Not too bad. :o)

I am putting this piece down for today though.  I need to get back to dyeing. :o)

It was raining on our way to Livi's second day of kindergarten! 


  1. Your doily is coming along really well!!! :)
    I sure hope you don't get a really strong wind or with that super umbrella Livi might know what it's like to be Mary Poppins. ;)

  2. Doily looks great - I could never figure out aJane's no-blip technique... Still do not get it... : 0

  3. The doily looks lovely and beautiful colours