Thursday, August 2, 2012

Coin purse is mostly finished and more MOBbings....

MOB on a headband.  For this one, I took two pieces of felt and sewed them together over the headband (AFTER sewing the button on to one of the pieces of felt).  Then it was ready to adorned with tatting. 

I especially like this clear button, because you can really see how the tatting sits behind the button.


It is tatted in my own Tat-ilicious size 40 "My Bleeding Heart"

This little flower doodad is tatted in Tat-ilicious size 40 "Everything Nice"
This "MOB" is again on a piece of felt with a clear button, but this felt circle is sewn to a barrette.
I should have taken a picture of them back... but I will next time.

And, my coin purse is finished. (almost.. I still need to the edging around the flap and add a button) I like it, even if the color looks funny.  Also, I made an error at the very end and had to cut the last few rings.  So when I retatted, I just used Lizbeth gold.  But the color for this project doesn't matter much, because I really just wanted to see if the concept would work.

In all reality you could probably make anything that you would sew in this fashion.  You would just make your fabric out of the split rings and then sew.  It may need a backing if you don't want it to be "meshy" but it would work! :o)

I'm thinking about maybe doing another of these type bags but doing one big sheet of split rings and then doing the sides after the middle section is done. Does that make sense?

Anyway, that's all for tonight, I have some exciting mail to show for tomorrow!


  1. I don't think I'd have thought of using a clear button. I agree... it looks great with the tatting showing through. Of course I love the one that came in the mail yesterday! ;-)

  2. Great decorated headband and barrette!! And sweet coin purse!!! :)

  3. I have been watching you tatting with MOBs but haven't had time to comment. I am a real button fan so do love how you are using them. The coin purse looks great too.

  4. Nice sweet coin purse are you going to line it so the coins won't fall out? Gorgeous colours