Friday, August 24, 2012

Thank you Fox!

I received this lovely packaged today from my neighbor to the north!
Thank you so much Fox!

I got a kick out of the card. 
The motifs are adorable!
The shuttles are gorgeous!
And the mat will come in very handy.
I'm feeling very special today!
Thank you!

Livi is representing tatting at school again today.  
She lost one flower at school, hopefully this one will come home this afternoon.  Honestly I don't mind if she loses them.  That may sound horrible since I spend hours making them.  But, it's so sweet that she wants to wear them that I figure it's worth the risk.  I would never want her to think that my little pieces of tatting are too good for her.  Plus, she does take care of them and she felt so bad that the other one had fallen off. 

In other news, since I decided to use my messy rainbow right away instead of entering into the fair, I dyed up another new colorway

This one is size 60 again.  I really like it so I think I will do more of this colorway.

I also did some size 80, email me if you would like to purchase one of these 37 yard skeins. 


  1. Lovely hair piece, sad she lost one hopefully this one will last longer.
    Lovely present from Fox, she is a great person and tatter

  2. What a wonderful mail day! I hope that whoever finds Livi's hair clip thinks it's really wonderful...spread the joy of tatting, you know!

    I'm very tempted by that thread, but need to be a good girl this month and get my budget back in hand. I've been way to generous with myself this summer!

  3. That's what I thought too, Diane, I hope the lucky finder is intrigued.

  4. It really doesn't matter that she lost the hair clip. It matters that she used it. These are the kind of gifts that children remember as adults. Even if they lose them.

  5. I agree, Margaret, she is a great person!
    Diane, I know how you feel. I even given myself a hard time for claiming too much of my own thread lol
    Victats, I hope so! I am just so tickled by the fact that she actually wants to wear them. Makes me proud. :o)