Monday, August 6, 2012

Do you ever stuck on one pattern? (Starflower pattern)

More MOBs...

lol, I am pretty sure this is my own pattern.  I have looked through all my books, and I can't find this pattern. However, I did find a variation of it on my own blog (here)

So... I am pretty sure it is mine.  But, do you ever do that?  Just get to playing around with a pattern that you've just made up and then forget whether or not you actually came up with it.  I mean, when I tat it... it doesn't seem original... because I've tatted it before.  

But, just for reference sake I guess...
The picture is the pattern.  All rings have 6 ds between picots.  Chains have 6 ds between EXCEPT for right at the clover.  There are only 3ds right after the clover to the first picot. 

I really love this little flower.  

This one was tatted in size 80 Lizbeth silver and grape.

Isn't it cute how the inside of it looks like a star. 
That was unintentional... but could be quite useful if I say so myself. 

Hah... I just named this pattern:


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