Saturday, August 11, 2012

Takin' it to the next level

I've decided to enter the Havana doily into the fair this year.  I was thinking about not sending this one since I had done a poor job at hiding the ends on the second row.  Since then the piece has grown on me and I've decided to expand it and enter it.

The fourth row is Lizbeth's Evergreen, but you can't really tell since in the picture if looks almost black.
The Evergreen looks good with the Havana in poor lighting like in this picture. BUT when I took this piece outside to work on it yesterday, I realized the Evergreen was not a good match.  Now, I am adding Key Lime Raspberry Parfait and I think it will match the Ever green a little better.  

I have another 5 rows or so planned.  I need this thing done by Aug 25.  I think I can do it :o)

Oh!! And I finally got the grasp of the Magic Thread Trick (which is why there are extra pink threads hanging out).  Now that I get it ... I feel completely block headed for not trying it before.  Total life saver! (Well... maybe not life saver... but definitely time and stress saver!) lol


  1. Congrats on the doily, I know you can do it.
    congrats on the magic thread trick too. It is a very good stress reducer.

  2. I really like the already finished part of that doily!! :)