Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More MOBs for Livi and a special Thank you!

These are all my own Starflower design. The top two are Mindanao Gum and Rainbowlicious (2.0)
The bottom row contains these colorways:

I think I will call this one "Graffiti".  I really like it.  I dyed it up a few months ago and only did two size 60 skeins because I didn't know how the colors would work out.  I really like it though and I think it works up neat. :o)  So, I think I will do more.... after Tat Days. :o)

This one:
It WAS going to be Macarons.  Macarons was going to have a dark brown in it.  But, when I sat down to do the dyeing, I spilt the jar of brown.  Two of them were heavily drench in brown.  So, I dyed them with green... they looked awesome.  They will be available at the Tat Days Silent Auction next week.
These two however, I went ahead and kind of finished the macaron colorway, just to see how they would look.
At first... I thought "ehh, eww?"  But, it started growing on me, so I tried it out and was pleasantly surprised. 

So....  don't judge a dyed skein too harshly if it isn't "perfect"

Ms. Sarah sent Livi and I another sweet card.  Ms. Sarah is Livi's tooth fairy if you don't remember. :o)

I love the fish! So cute!

She also sent Livi this sweet window hanging.

Not only did she tat my Starflower design.  She also tatted the outside chain in my Rainbowlicious :o)

AND... it glows in the dark!

Thank you Ms. Sarah, Livi loves the glow in the dark! 
She also loved the letter you sent! So sweet! Thank you very much!


On the homefront, I started school on Monday so I will have less tatting and dyeing time.  But, I will make sure to squeeze some time in when I can. Right now the only thing that I've even thought of tatting are these little flowers so Livi can have a wider variety.  
She has a little box to put the motifs in and she says she's going to pick the flower for her hair-bow every day. :o)  I'm definitely excited and proud. :o)


  1. Livi is one lucky little girl! I bet she has the prettiest hair decorations at school. :-)

    I love all of your colors, but that soft green, brown, pink is just yummy! It makes me want to have a pistachio ice cream cone... at 5:30 a.m.!

  2. Great starflowers!!! :) And some more great colorways!! :)