Tuesday, August 21, 2012

17 Days? Seriously??

I can not believe that Tat Days is only 17 days away.
I also can not believe that my classes start this coming Monday!


As of right now, I have over 200 skeins that are set aside especially for Tat Days.  It's mostly size 20 and 40, but those are the most popular.

I found out the other day that my parents are going to be driving Livi and I down to Georgia.  They are not going to be staying on campus with us, but they are driving us down there.  So, some of you may get to meet my lovely parents.

Livi wore the hairclip that I was working on the other day:
I think it looks cute! 

Kindergarten News:  (I feel like this is becoming a regular "section" of my blog lol)
We are still doing the daily photos. :o)
My little brother is in town.  He's been walking with us in the mornings.  
Livi calls him "Uncle Me", because his name is Jeremy.  (Jer-e-ME) lol

What a cutie!


  1. Lovely hair clip, they will be all wanting them at school soon.
    You have some nice photos to keep of her first few days at school

  2. That hairclip is awesome!! :)
    Hope you have a great time at tat days!!! :)

  3. Well, that answered one question: you don't want to share a ride to Tat Days! I am so glad your parents will be taking you down. That is the most economical option of all.

    Do save some of that HDT for me! I have been holding off because I knew I would be able to see in person. It will be wonderful to see you and it in Sept.

    Lovely hair clip, BTW. All your tatting is great!

    Linda R

  4. A cutie, indeed!
    Looking forward to seeing you both at Tat Days.

  5. Lovely hair pin!

    I'm sure Livi and you are going to have a blast at Tat Days. :)

  6. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments! :o)

    Linda, yes, you are right. I think our car will be a little crowded this year. Maybe next year we can buddy up. :o)