Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Single Shuttle Split Ring Dangle, with beads.

ALSO... that allows for joining.

One thing that annoys me about SSSRs is that you can't make joins because it will interfere with closing the ring.  This is not a problem with this little dangle that I've made.

Now, I don't know if this is a new idea or not, but I think it's interesting.

When pulling out the loop from the shuttle thread to finish the ring, add a bead to the loop.

Finish the ring like normal

Then when you pull the loop back through the tunnel... the bead is obviously not going anywhere

Pretty neat right?
I'm thinking that a bunch of these to form a tassle, would be cool.
Or even as the tail on a bookmark. 

I would love to see different versions of this... like with smaller beads... multiple beads.... the possiblities are endless.  What other ways can you think to use this technique?

Day 3 of kindergarten:
My brother has suggested that I take Livi's picture EVERY day before school. 
This morning, Livi promptly reminded me that we needed to take her picture. lol
Love this girl!!!


  1. That looks really neat!! And she looks really sweet!!! :)

  2. Cool idea! I love new ways of adding beads. You're going to have a lot of photos by the time Livi graduates!!!

  3. There are ways to do the SSSR with joins and (I'm guessing here!!) with beads too. A little more complicated, though but worth the effort. I've got a page here on how to do it http://www.janeeborall.freeservers.com/SSSRjoin.pdf
    Your idea sounds great, though.

  4. I feel like I live on your tips and techniques page Jane, but I hadn't seen that page... go figure.
    Now, all I need to is master the split chain and I'll actually be able to do that one. lol :o)

    Jane M, Thanks! I don't know if it'll last for that long, but who knows, maybe it'll be a tradition. :o)

    Thanks Sue! She really is a doll. :o)

  5. Looks an interesting idea, when I put a bead into a SSSR I put it on a loop before I start the ring and then do the ring and join before I pull the ring, does that make sense and the bead goes in the middle but it would be nice to have a bead hanging I am thinking of bracelets.

    You are going to have a real picture gallery of her first days of school and they do change as the year goes on.