Sunday, August 19, 2012

LTR saves the Starflower

I was tatting my Starflower and wasn't paying attention to what I was doing... not a good combination.
So, while I accidentally left out one of the rings of the clovers.  I didn't realize it however until after I had almost finished the chain leading to the next ring.
Since I dread untatting, especially with this size 60 (or anything smaller), I needed to be creative.  Now, granted, I could have made the next ring a SCMR and then thrown this ring off of it but that would mean that the base of the ex-missing ring would be attached to the wrong ring and that would bug me.
At first, my thought was to pull out some of the core thread by the clover, cut the thread, and let the chain unravel. That way, I would have tails to tat over.  I almost wish I had gone that route, but that's OK.
Instead, I opted for a Loop Tatted Ring with the loop that I pulled out from the core thread.
You can see the remains of this LTR still hanging out:

This starflower is being tatted to be attached to a hairclip which I will enter in the fair.  With that in mind, I am planning to hide this loop when I attach it to a piece of denim that will be between the flower and the hairclip :o)

BUT, the point of all that is.... there are definitely more than one solution to any problem. :o)

BTW, like the thread?  I'm loving it!  I had originally dyed to enter the fair, but then I liked it so much that I didn't want to wait until after Tat Days to even get to use it. 
It's a low immersion Rainbowlicious.... or a Messy Jess!-y Rainbow in size 60 only.
I will try to do some in the other sizes, once I can buy more thread.  Right now I am out. It makes me a little nervous, but it will all work out. 
(My being out of thread makes me nervous of course because while I have gotten a good bit done on my Re-dye list, I haven't gotten to everything yet.  And since sales have been extremely slow, a re-up on thread is going to have to wait a bit. But, like I said, it will all work out.)

I also managed to get another one of my Starflowers tatted today, this one was tatted with size 40 Tat-ilicious "4-Eva"  :o) 

Oh, and I have started a page on Facebook for Tat-ilicious. 
There's nothing just terribly exciting over there yet, but I do have my Storenvy shop on there as well which is kind of neat.  After Tat Days, I will be more diligent about putting thread in that shop.  Also, I am thinking about tatting up some of these Starflowers to sell as interchangeables for MOB hairclips.  A lot of my non tatting friends have been asking if I would sell my tatting, so... I figure I might as well give them the option. :o)

Sorry for any typos that I leave her or other places.  I have noticed that I have gotten really bad at misspelling words in the worst kind of ways.  Most of the time, I substitute a completely different word.
Like earlier this week, I tried to type showed, but ended up typing "should"
There were others, but I can't remember them now.
So, I am trying to proofread my statements but whether it be ADD or just bad proofreading... I miss a lot.


  1. I never heard of a Loop Tatted Ring before! Learn something new every day! I wouldn't have even looked for a solution. I'd have either retro-tatted or snipped. Looks like I'll have to do a little more research! ;-)

    I'm loving my 4-Eva thread! The color is awesome, and it just makes me smile as I'm tatting!

  2. I'm amazed at all the options you thought up to fix, that's amazing and very talented! God luck on your entry in the fair, someday I wil be courageous enough to try that too!

  3. I love your starflower and the colours of the thread are beautiful