Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Tooth Fairy Tats!!

So, as you may remember, Livi lost her first tooth last week.  It was a wonderfully exciting thing for her. 
So, Mrs. Sarah in CT sent her this sweet card with Jane Eborall's Fairy pattern on the front.
When we opened the card, Mrs. Sarah had put a tooth fairy poem on the inside.  Once I started reading the poem, Livi says "THE TOOTH FAIRY TATS!!!"  It was priceless!
Not only that, but the small stars glow in the dark, and Livi is convinced that the card can be her night light, so that she doesn't get scared in the dark.

Thank you Mrs. Sarah, she so loved the card from her Tooth Fairy!

Oh..sorry, the picture is sideways... it's not saved that way and I don't know how to fix it.

These bags are from Diane!  She sent them to Livi and I since we weren't able to go and have lunch with her.  Aren't they so sweet?  Livi has a matching shuttle, but hers is upstairs attached to a ball of thread and massive knot that she tatted. ;o)
Diane also added a small container of beads for Livi and pretty pearl beads for me.  The necklace her is the necklace that Livi went ahead and made from her beads.

Thank you Diane.  We love the bags and beads!!

Now, I can't leave without talking about my new favorite hobby of MOBbing right?
I  purchased some of Sherry's beautiful cobalt ceramic buttons.  So, soon... I will have tatting around buttons that have tatting on them?  How perfect is that right?

There were 4 buttons... but I'm working with the other right now.  I'll show later :o)
Thank you Sherry for being so awesome!


  1. Gotta love the tooth fairy! I'm so glad you like the bags and shuttles. :-)

  2. That gorgeous tooth fairy how lovely of Mrs Sarah to send it to her.

    Lovely bags and buttons