Friday, February 10, 2012

oh boob.... and Superman Bubblegum... the most random post ever, or at least in a while.

Oh boob is for this:
I wanted to show my support for my fellow tatters, so I decided to tat Yarnplayer's Unfolding Heart with the Wisteria Lane that I purchased from Krystledawne.  But I messed up in the joining in the middle.

But the pattern is really wonderful and isn't that thread beautiful??  But, I have an Italian test to study for, so I'm not going to be redoing it tonight.  Maybe tomorrow :o)

And Superman Bubblegum:

This size 40 is also an option for the giveaway from my last post.  

Tats up pretty though right?? That little snowflake is from Jon Yusoff's Tatted Snowflakes Collection and is "Circle of Crowns"

And other bits:
I'm about to add this to my shop:

Do you think $1 is too steep to charge for unwinding the skein onto one of these?  I figure there's got to be at least some people that would just rather not unwind their skeins, for what ever reason.  AND, since I have the swift that the skeins were wound on, it would be easier for to unwind them.  I will however only charge the  $1 once; it will not be a per skein thing.  Just think it might be a nice option, ya know?

And one more matter of business:
You remember WAY back... the Yes U can doily.  Well I got frustrated with how I wanted to adapt the last row to my own tasting, and I ended up redoing the whole bit.  Granted I haven't actually tatted it yet.  Although I have started.  But this is what I'm thinking:

My plan is to turn the first two rows into one row by making the rings from row 2 into floating rings. and then the 2nd row would be the bottom half of the bare thread row.  Then the rest would be one continuous row.  

Okay, I'm done procrastinating now! Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. Ooooh, what a good idea! You wind the thread because it's easier! I'd py for that. On the other hand I think I dare not buy any thread right now, despite the temptation. Great idea though!

  2. get thee to thy homework young lady.

    he he

    offering the service to wind the skein onto a tab is good, however just remember, it will cause some issues with shipping. a skein will lay flat in an envelope. the wound skein will not. and need to be packaged differently, and will likely cost more.
    I would offer the service for $1.00 or less for each skein purchased because of the shipping issue

  3. Ooh I love superman and bubblegum! Pretty much sums up my youngest lol

  4. Thanks everyone.
    Michelle, I totally understand not needing to spend money.
    Ladytats, that is a good consideration. I'll have to see how it affects shipping costs. I wouldn't think that it would though. I've been packing them in a bubble envelope, which already constitutes a package since it's thicker than 1/4". I've only got 3 listed right now, and if it ends up costing me money then I'll definitely make it per skein.
    And is that what they are called, tabs? I didn't know what to call it. It said Floss bobbin on the package. But I was afraid that calling it a bobbin might make it confusing since a bobbin could be the kind used for bobbin lace or the kind that goes in a bobbin shuttle.
    Neeneral, that's funny. How old is your youngest?

  5. Jess, you are right, they are floss bobbins, but I couldn't remember that when I posted. thanks for reminding me. a "Floss bobbin" is what you would need to call them, then everyone would know what you are talking about

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  7. Isn't it annoying that the English language has enough words that we have a huge dictionary full of them, yet we resort to using one word for items that are clearly different. That's one reason it upsets me so much when people curse. It would be so much more productive if they would actually use the appropriate words to convey their feelings.