Thursday, February 9, 2012

the 2nd ever Tat-ilicious giveaway!

So, I want to give away some more of my thread.  This time around, the winner can pick any of the new threads that are about to be put in my shop.  Livi is busy taking pictures of her beanie baby, or I'd upload the new pictures I just took of them.  To do this, I am just going to save one of each of the different colors until after the giveaway.  BUT since I can't possibly have a giveaway with only one winner... everyone will be a winner in a way.
I am offering a coupon for 35% in my etsy shop. The coupon code is "blogreader".  This coupon will be active until Sunday night 11:59 pm (central standard time).  Basically, that covers shipping. But since I don't have to pay etsy fees on shipping costs, it makes more sense to discount the actually product, for this special.  ALSO, please be careful when entering this coupon.  I have no idea how to fix that sort of issue, so I would really rather not have to, you know what I mean?

I'm not running this "special" because there is anything wrong with my thread.  I just really want my thread to get out there and into the hands of tatters that will enjoy it.  I love seeing photos of items tatted with the threads I've dyed.
Sorry if you read about these threads the other day.  These photos are of the same threads, just updated pictures...

SO.... comment on this post to enter the giveaway.  I will use the random generator on Saturday afternoon to get the winner.  That way the other threads can go in the shop to be used with the coupon.

Well...look at that... while typing this up, Livi got done with her photo shoot, so here are the new threads that are being put in my shop and likewise the options for the winner of the giveaway to choose from:
There's also one more that is also a choice, which is size 40, just like the red, blue, light blue, but instead of whiteish, it has hot pink.

This one has two of my new dyes in it, Rose Red and Rust Brown.  Personally, it reminds me of  a cowboy, so I guess it'll just be "Western" (which would be contrast to "pink western which is pictured below) these are size 20. 

Blue and light blue.. size 20, these are only about 25 yards though:

Pink Western comes in size 20 and size 40.  But remember from the previous post, the 40 are most "spotty" or "stonewashed" while the 20s are I guess "richer"... 

Size 20 red, blue, light blue and white-ish lol:

 These brown/pink/reddish ones are all size 40.  You like the little bit of edging adapted from a pattern in The Tatter's Treasure Chest.  This will either be a bracelet or, part of a mat.  I haven't decided yet.

and here are a couple of pictures from Livi's photoshoot:


  1. Yummy, pinkish brown! I;m in for the giveaway!
    Fox : ))

    p.s. Tatting an Iris Niebach motif in the pastels right now. Looking good!

  2. I think the brown/pink/reddish is my favorite!

  3. Ooooh, the red, rust brown really ZINGS. Off to look in your shop too.

  4. How very sweet those 2 bottom pictures are!!! :)

  5. Your thread looks nice. I love the blue is my favorite color :)

  6. I haven't tried your threads yet, so this is just the kick I need to do it. I love the blues and I love your rainbows. I haven't done much with threads smaller than 20 yet . . . but maybe I'll give it a shot.


  7. I enjoyed seeing Livi's pictures.

    Oh the art of HDT creating, I wish I had the ability, but I of course don't. However, I greatly enjoy tatting using other peoples' HDT, so please continue.

    The blue combination reminds me of denim.

  8. Forgot to say, it looks like Livi has a passion for photographing eyes, and her's are beautiful.

  9. Your threads are beautiful! I love pink western, and brown pink reddish.

  10. So I've really been biting my tongue, waiting to comment in reply to everyone's comments. (I didn't want my comments to mess up the order of comments when it came to drawing for a winner)
    Fox: I'm excited to see it, I bet it will be beautiful!
    Red: :o) That's my fave too.
    Jane: It really does. It's very bright in an uncommon kind of way.
    Sue: Thanks. She wanted me to post ALL the pictures she took but that was way too many.
    Tattin' Kat: Thanks! I plan to do more of the blue on blue. I love that Robin's egg color.
    Teresa: I love size 40. But I am planning to do some size 20 rainbow some time soon. So, if you decide you don't like smaller sizes maybe that will be more your speed.
    Bonnie: I will take your comment on my baby's eyes as a personal comment as she has my eyes lol Also, she had TONS of pictures, all of really random things, I just picked the two I liked best. So the "passion for eyes" is actually my own. I actually quite enjoy drawing them as well. I find it very hard to draw anything without it having an eye in it somewhere. :o)
    Neeneral: Thanks! I love the creating process, and I'm glad that my threads are being received so well. :o)