Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Quick post of hdt update.

I know that I said that I had tons to do... but since I can't literally study around the clock, Livi and I took a little time to dye some threads.  She loves helping!  She actually didn't dye any threads, but she did dye some baby hats.  I'll have to scan them another day.  I did size 20 and 40 and they'll be in the shop later this week if anyone is interested.  

These red white and blues are all size 20

For what ever reason, I am really excited about these.  They look dirty right?  They have a certain bohemian dinginess to them that I am totally digging! (size 40)

It was only while I was cropping this photo that I realized that my size 40s didn't turn out as well as my 20s because the 40s were at the edge of the drop cloth and probably dried out where as the 20s were nice and moist.  I'm thinking about calling this one pink western or cowgirl.  

On the left are a couple of samples I did just to see if I liked the combos.  I actually did the blue/red/brown one this weekend, but I did the blue/black/gray one a few weeks ago.
The in the middle are size 20, about 30 yards each.
Then on the right, size 40, these are very similar to the red, white and blue that are size 20, just I threw in hot pink where the white would be :o)

Red and Rust (that's not a name, just the colors) size 20 
The small blue one on the bottom was actually dyed with fountain pen ink... Baystate Blue.  It's very brilliant and almost shiny in person. And I was worried that it might stain my fingers when I go to tat with it because when I was winding it up to a skein it was turning my fingers blue. So, I ironed it, and apparently that all it needed, because now I can't even force it make my fingers blue.... pretty cool! :o)


  1. Looks like you have been busy on the side of everything life normally gives. :)
    Say hi to the little artist for me please. :D

  2. Livi was excited that you said hi!

    And Busy... that's me. I'm always doing something. It drives me nuts when my man can just lay in the bed for hours on end and just watch t.v. (or my brothers too for that matter.) But oh well! :o)