Sunday, February 19, 2012

new threads... and a messed up stumpy

Last night after posting about all the new colors that I haven't tried out, I broke down and dyed two skeins.  Today was my "mother in law's" birthday.  So I intended them to be the thread for her present, but she likes my camo stuff better lol  
But I will definetly do some more of these.  I love the Kingfisher Blue, (it's the dark teal color) Pretty right?
And that little bit of tatting was going to be a
Stumpy. lol I was doing it for memory and it was at about this point that I remembered that there are supposed to be some single rings in there .  oops. lol

Now this one:

I dyed naturally.  I will still need to do some "tests" to check its colorfastness, and lightfastness.  But if it stays this color that would be great!!  I set against the Lizbeth Gold and Lizbeth Lemon for comparison. 

Would you like to know what kind dye source that beautiful yellow came from???

I'll let you guess first.:o)
I don't have any prize, it's just for fun :o)


  1. well lets see, you can get yellow from several different plants, but for such a vivid yellow, I am thinking maybe turmeric? or maybe rhubarb or pomegranate?

  2. Yup, it was turmeric. I was surprised by how easy it was :o)

  3. Pretty colors! The "messed up" stumpy can be finished as a random motif. :D
    I was going to say dandelion flowers for the yellow, but the color is close. :)