Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Purple Fields or Purple Sea??

Maybe neither name really suits it.  This heart is size 20.  I picked out a random skein from the lot to keep for myself.  I should have paid more attention though. I would have preferred to keep size 40.  But that's alright.  Maybe I'll tie this one back up and sell it at a reduced price.  The heart needs some work, it's the same "One shuttle chevron" that I showed last week.  I just added two rings on each side.  The top (added) ring is 6-4-4 and the added ring below it is 4-5-6.
 Really this would have looked a lot better if I would have been more consistent with how I joined the rings. 
All in all though I think it's cute and effective... I mean, it actually does look like a heart :o) 


  1. Purple Fields makes me think of a meadow in the mountains with wild flowers. Good name. Karen in OR

  2. I reall, really like this heart! Often they are only mostly heart-shaped but this one is perfect

  3. Fox: Oh, I like Fancy Fields. :o)
    Especially since there's not actually any purple in it.
    The "purple" colors are amethyst and black cherry :o)

    Thanks Karen!

    Michelle, I know right? I do however want to try again using split rings through the middle to get rid of the odd joins.

  4. Pretty colors and neat heart! The colors remind me of the "hippie" days when I was little and the colors the older teens and people were wearing. :)

  5. Absolutely LOVE that colourway, Jess - no matter what its name is!!