Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One shuttle chevron in Camo-licious

I've been working on this for a few days.  All the rings are 4-4-4-4.  I think it could make a fun bracelet, or edging.  also I think it could be incorporated into design in multiple ways.  Heck one up and down makes a cute little heart.  
To get from ring B to C, just lock join down to the side picot of A and so forth for the other rings.  This would kind of be like Jane's Continuous Thread Join, except that because it's one shuttle, it does lock.  Also, if that just really bothers you, you could run another shuttle through the middle and have every other ring be a split ring (4-4-4/4) But I think this way works just as well. (But I haven't done the other way, so ...)

Also, for this particular pattern, it is not necessary to to have two step ups, you could just alternate between two heights, if that makes any sense.  

Here is Camo-licious:

I have 4 size 40's and 5 size 20's in the shop now!  Livi did help with these. She did a good job too!

If you would like your own copper rose, contact me either in comment or email and I can get you the contact information for my friend Matt that makes them.  This particular rose is going to be in a  lot of my thread pictures from now on.  I just love it. :o)


  1. That sounds like a really fun pattern.

  2. Ooh - love those colours!
    Fox ; )

  3. Vicki, it really is fun. Sometimes I get a little turned upside down and start going the wrong direction... but I do that anyway.
    Thanks Fox, me too. Same colors as my eyes, but I figured camo would be a more appealing name than Jess's eyes lol
    Thanks Sue!