Friday, February 24, 2012

This is what my mind is thinking today...

I *think* I can close to the dyes that I have right now.  I know I don't need to buy any more dyes right now, that's for sure!  My dad was looking at my big stack of dyes and said "Uh, you're really into this aren't you?"  

The top one will probably get done first.  But I need to wind up some more skeins before I can do any dyeing. 

Have a great weekend everyone!!  Maybe I'll get some tatting done. One of the mother in laws wants a Camo cross, so *maybe* I can get that done! 
Livi and I will be going with Chris to a truck show tonight.. woohoo...(NOT!!)
I'm not exactly excited.  Honestly I would be excited if there weren't going to be a 4th participant in our little family adventure.  But, that's another story for a less public discussion. 

OH!! And my camera should be getting here today!!! SOOO excited!!

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