Saturday, February 18, 2012

An International Request...

If you don't know already, I am taking an Italian class right now.  We are giving an oral presentation and I am going to talk about tatting.  I was hoping that I could get in contact with someone from Italy, that could send me maybe a little piece of tatting and a note in Italian to accompany it.  (I emailed a couple of bloggers from Italy, but so far haven't heard anything.)  But, if I can't get anything from Italy, it would be cool if I could get some pieces from other countries.  I think it is so wonderful that even though we are so far apart in distance, we can interact on a personal level, even if it is only because we share the love of tatting.  You know what I mean?
This is what I would like to convey in my presentation.
Anyway, so I have to turn in a script for my presentation on March 2nd, but don't give the presentation until March 14th.  This means that I just need to know that something is coming just a little before March but it doesn't need to be here until the 14th. 

In return, I can offer any and all senders HDT... I figure this could be a good incentive.  I don't want anything for free, but I do want to have a nice presentation.  :o)

SO!!! If you are interested comment here or email me and we can iron out the details.  

I'm going to be doing some more dyeing soon.  I've got a lot of  new dyes that I haven't gotten to test yet.  :o)
(Which include... black cherry, dusty rose, bubble gum, lilac, wisteria, grey, alpine blue, deep yellow, kingfisher blue and amethyst) 
I'm thinking my next batch will be either deep yellow and amethyst will maybe another color like chartreuse.
OR I'll start playing the kingfisher blue, it's a new mix from Dharma, not just new to me. :o)

Anyway.... I'm getting off subject and I need to be writing a paper.  So, if you can help I would be ever so thankful!!

If I do however get a poor response from this, I will open it to American tatters as well.  Because I do adore my fellow American tatters!


  1. I'm not too far away, but if you'd like something from a Canadian I'd be glad to help. After all you are the first one to follow my blog, I owe you one.

  2. I would love something from Canadians! It doesn't need to be anything big, something small would work just as well.
    Oh, and I have been enjoying your blog. :o)

  3. I'll send you something from Scotland - don't know what but I'll think up something for you (but not a note in Italian though!!). Will need your snail address though. You can send it to my email address please.

  4. Thank you Trayna! That's funny about the Italian part. I'll send you a email asap. :o)

  5. I must to read better your request,but perhaps
    I can help you
    Kiss from Italy

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