Thursday, February 23, 2012

I've gone insane

So, I was really loving the whole one shuttle thing, so I decided to do a complete 180.....

ACTUALLY, it just so happens that whenever my brain really gets into "hyperdrive" for studying weird tatting design ideas start interrupting the frequencies.  So, I'll jot them down and try not to think about them until later.  At least until after I've done whatever assignment I'm desperately trying to get through.  This was one of those "patterns" 

I would not actually put these colors together.  I chose them for contrast purposes, so you could really see where each thread was going.  One "neat thing" here... no joins... crazy huh? so, if you are prone to stabbing yourself... this may be a pattern for you. :o)

It looks neat, but 4 shuttles? seriously?  talk about a tangled mess!

What's the most number of shuttles you've ever used at once?


  1. I've read about tatting with four or more shuttles, but I've not yet tried it. I can see where it could become a tangled mess, especially if you're prone to dropping shuttles as I am!

    Thanks for sharing your experiment!

  2. That is so cool! :)
    I hate tatting with 2 shuttles so I don't figure I will try that, but who looks so cool I just might have to-some day. :)

  3. If this is what madness looks like, I would like some too, please! You are really designing up a storm. I love the heart, the chevron, and the 4-shuttle-look-mom-I-am-not-tied-up-too design. :) Very, very creative thinking.
    And, no, 2 shuttles has been my top number. I fear I would look like the traditional May Pole if I tried any more.

  4. I've used 4 for an edging, well actually it was for a hat band. that was years ago. I should try it again. but only after finishing all the projects on my list. have fun with 4 shuttles.

  5. Diane, me too, I'm horrible about dropping shuttles. I try though :o)

    Thanks Sue! My "plan" is to do it with only two colors, but three of the shuttles be the same color, then then it'll look really nice / neat since you'll only see the one color moving.
    StringyDogs: Thanks! What part of Tennessee are you from? I'm from the bottom west corner. Just about as far west and south as you can go and still be in Tennessee :o)

    Ladytats, Do you do well at finishing the projects on your lists? I am horrible at it. I'll start them... but very rarely do I finish.

  6. Jess, I usually do fairly well at finishing, because most of my projects are spoken for. so they have to be finished. I do almost no tatting for myself. not because I don't want to, but because I don't have time. story of my life sometimes.... If there is something I want to do for myself, ie.. the TatALong that Umi&Tsuru is hosting, I have to find the time for it in between.

  7. That makes my hands hurt just thinking about 4 shuttles at once. :-)

  8. woooooow.... wonderful job!!! :D
    I'm a beginner... so, I'm surprised... :))))))