Monday, December 17, 2012

Winter Jewels!

This is another Inspired Colorway, this one by Dora!

I've been putting this one off since it's called WINTER Jewels.  So, since it's almost Winter, now is the perfect time for this colorway. :o)

Did I mention that my birthday is at the Winter Solstice? 
It's not on it this year, but it is many years. 

Anyway, That's all for today. :o)
I'm trying to get some cleaning done today since Livi's Christmas break starts tomorrow. :o)



  1. Lovely colour, I like the name too very apt for the colour.
    Gosh our children do not break up for Christmas until Friday for two weeks.
    Hope you get all the cleaning done in time

  2. I just showed these colors to my daughter, who asked, "Is she [meaning you] famous?" I replied,"No, but I hope she is some day."--unless, of course, you don't want to be. Just love your threads!

    1. That's too funny. :o) I don't particularly care to be famous. I am much to modest and too much of an introvert to desire such a thing. But, I do appreciate the love. :o)

  3. Love these colors. So pretty. :)