Saturday, December 29, 2012

Far from pretty, but very interesting!

I love the amigurumi dolls/ animals.  I've been wondering if it could be done with tatting, and I'm sure it's already been done, but since I didn't know any patterns, I just "free-tatted" this one. :o)

I works, but it would probably look better if it were actually crocheted instead of tatted.
I did the arms, legs, and head separately from the body and attached them as I did the body.  It was quite fun.  In fact, I did this instead of finishing the Lace Mat (whoops)

The "dots" on the chest are from all the lock joins, but it creates a neat little stripe pattern. :o)

Since this was just a test run, I just knotted the thread and cut.  I didn't bother with hiding the ends.  I do want to try again. :o)

The whole thing is tatted with size 20 thread around a size 40 core.  That just happened to be what was on my shuttles, so I ran with it.  I don't know how that would change the offerall look of it. 
It might be something to look into though. 

Hmmm... what else can I say about this little girl...

Her hair is a tassle that was sewn to the top of the head.
And I stuffed each piece before they were closed.

To make joining easier, I stuffed the arms, legs, and head, then closed elements and added a chain with lots of picots for joining. :o)


  1. the doll is pretty fun, but fun is more important. who knows you'd come up with another cool doll on yr next try!

  2. The doll looks fun and you had fun making it, nice time you might try doing the hair with loops tried into the knots. I await to see what your next doll looks like.

  3. Lady, I love you but you are NUTS! That doll would have taken me 6 months to do. I cannot believe what you will experiment with - you have more courage and tenacity than most of the rest of us! If I am in a blah mood, all I have to do is check your blog. You are irrepressible. Have a wonderful 2013!