Saturday, December 22, 2012

First Birthday Post and Still Trying

First, Happy Birthday to Me! Depending on how busy I get today with festivities, I might decided to post another birthday update lol
Second, I finish this Starflower of mine in the "Grackle Mess"...

I scanned this one, and then played with the picture by saturating the color, I think it shows the color of the thread better, but now, it looks quite purple and black and you still can't see the green and I have now lost the navy.  But, that works for me, because all the skeins have navy and purple in them, and some of them have more green than others.  Some, look like they didn't get any green at all, and others have a healthy, and pretty dose of green.
That's just one of the joys of the Messy Jess!-y's!

Do you like the extra round of chains?  They could be done better, but overall I like them. :o)


  1. Happy birthday to you and hope you have a wonderful day.
    Lovely piece of tatting

  2. Happy birthday! Lovely motif! And to show the colour better on pictures you might try a darker background, so there's less contrast between motif and background.

    1. I will try that, most of my darker items are shiny, and didn't help matters... I will look again for some matte dark backgrounds though, thank you!! <3

  3. Happy Birthday Jess!
    I use a remnant of black velvet as a dark mat background. It absorbs light so it doesn't shine. You might be able to find a piece at a fabric store in their remnant section. For the above colorway, a dark green velvet might work.

  4. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESS! May you have a funtastic day. I like the motif and the extra chain surrounding it. Karen in OR

  5. Happy Birthday!! :) Great motif!! :)

  6. Hope you have a Happy Birthday filled with all you want.