Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Hey Everyone!
If you live in the U. S., I have important and possibly exciting news for you.

I found this picture on the school's computer.  It's cute, funny, and cheerful and just what I need today. :o)

I have decided to offer a slightly cheaper shipping option.  Now, if you buy just one skein, (without unwinding), I will ship it like regular mail.  This means I can ship it as low as .45.

BUT, there is no tracking with this option, and it will have to be .45 for each skein. (That is because I may have to send multiple envelopes.)
Of course, if you ordered 4 skeins, the shipping price would be $1.80 and I would just send it First Class at that point.  (which would include delivery confirmation).

I am going to try this out and see if it pans out.  If it starts to look like it's going to bite me in the bum I will of course change it back to the regular method.

On a more personal note and in hopes that you might feel for me and give me words of encouragement or words of warning against my formerly mentioned plan:
Right now, I may have to refund an international customer for a package that I have already resent once.  I am terribly distressed over this.  But, that's just part of the game, isn't it?
It just really sucks that it would be for a larger order and at a time when I was trying to save money for Christmas and dance lessons.  

C'est la vie!

2 steps forward, 10 steps back! lol

ALSO, I just realized that I don't think I announced that I decided to sign Livi up for dance lessons.  She is super excited about them!  I told Livi that she was going to have to help me dye and sell some thread to pay for them.  It will take 8 skeins sold to pay for the lessons. (Even more if you consider the cost of materials, but that's a little much for her brain) She's excited about it!
In thinking about it, I thought it might be cute if I wound up 8-10 skeins each month and let her dye them by herself.  Those could be special skeins dedicated to pay for lessons.
That could be fun right?
They are sure to be colorful too.  Any time I ask her what colors we should use, it's either every color she can think of or pink and purple. :o)


  1. I think that is a clever idea for Livi. It would be a wonderful bonding experience for you both as well. Excited for both of you.

  2. as for shipping, well, you gotta do, what you gotta do. the international shipment that has gone astray, that is the way of the game. we have had that happen here at work before. USPS used to be better at keeping track with the customs # on the shipping form, but now they are getting bad again. We have customers that will pay the higher costs for UPS just so they can have the tracking. USPS should learn the lesson.

  3. Good idea to try to make a cheaper alternative for one skein locally. I do hope your parcel turns up, it's not good enough that things go astray and you are held responsible! I hope Livi enjoys the dancing as well as the dyeing!

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