Thursday, December 6, 2012

More Papillons!

I love Frivole's little butterfly pattern! It's so cute!!
It's just too fun!

With these two, I added a bead to the center and left off the head.
Interestingly this semester, I had had a lab where we chopped off fruit fly head so that we could smash them.
The purpose was so that we could do paper chromatography of the eye pigments, but it was a very weird experiment.  But, it means that I know have lots of experience with chopping off insect heads. lol

left to right, Size 40 Summer Bliss,utilizing BDS, and size 20 Fancy fields

On the left, the bead is called a "miracle bead".  These beads so much fun!  They are super light weight, which is nice because it's not going to weight the piece down, but they are also super shiny!  Here's what it looks like without the flash.
So, this bead almost glows.  It's so pretty!

Also, Becaue I decided to try this with the balanced double stitches, I left off most of the picots.  I like how the BDS came out though. :o)

I didn't have school today because it's a Study day.  Finals start tomorrow.  Once Livi found out that I didn't have school today, she insisted that I have lunch with her. :o)
She's such a crazy girl. :o)


  1. Lovely butterflies, beautiful threads

    There you having a study day and she wants lunch with you, I hope you managed to get some study done good luck with your exams

    1. Thank you Margaret! I got a little bit done. I am sure to be up half the night finishing up though. :o)

  2. Good luck for your exams!! Those butterflies are super cute. As is Livi, pulling funny faces.

  3. Please thank Livi for making my morning, her silliness gave me a laugh.

  4. Did you change the stitch count at all when using the BDS instead of a regular DS?