Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tempted by my own rainbow!

Well, I thought that since this batch was only size 20, I would leave it alone.  But, it just looks too good!
So, I took a break from my studies to tat this little beauty.

The pattern of course is Frivole's Papillon!
and the thread is my own Tat-ilicious "Rainbow-licious" size 20.

I love these colors!  They are so bright and cheerful!  I think I will keep this little gem with me tomorrow when I go take my Biochem test. 
Maybe it will keep me from stressing out too bad. :o)



  1. It's lovely! And it was a Biochemist who discovered the medication that is keeping my son alive, so best wishes for your very important examination.

  2. Oh, that colour is zingadingding. I love it. Good luck with the test - you'll be fine. What celebrations there'll be when you get through all the course and come out at t'other end fully qualified.

  3. Wow!!! That colorway really pops when you see it tatted up!

    Best of luck on your exam. Your semester must be almost over, I can imagine how much you must be looking forward to a break!

  4. Wow, that colorway looks great tatted up.

    Good Luck w/ your exam!

  5. Ooh! That's really gorgeous! NOT ANOTHER I can't let slip by? So bright and cheerful.

  6. Wow, your rainbow is just *perfect*! I wish you as much success in your test as with the threads ;o)

  7. Gorgeous gorgeous colours and beautiful butterfly

  8. I LOVE this one!
    You'll have to bring it by so I can see it in person (and I'll try not to steal it...maybe. ;) )

  9. The butterfly is beautiful, bright and cheerful in the middle of Winter.
    My son studied bio-chemistry and now runs drugs trials in hospitals, it is very interesting work.
    So all the very best for your exams, and a bit of tatting now and again will just relax you.

  10. Nice butterfly with the colorway. Well, my husband saw a posting from a relative on the butterfly and loved the colorway. So, I have purchased the thread (and butterfly pattern) to surprise him with a little friend for Christmas!