Sunday, December 9, 2012

PIF and a Request/Offer

Pay It Forward
You've heard of it, right?
Well, if you haven't, this is how it works.

Urban dictionary defines "Pay it Forward" as such:

"A phrase used to imply or otherwise act upon the action in which one would perform a deed of good service onto, for, or in the favor of another person or group of persons with the sound intentions that the only thing they do in return is to perform a deed of good service onto, for, or in the favor of another person or group of persons where in which they should maintain the same sound intentions of the individual or group who performed a good deed unto them. This method of kindness is infallible unless met with a person of great greed and/or immaturity."
Back in May, JB hosted a PIF and I signed up.  I waited to host my own until I received the item from JB.  I'm glad it came now, with Christmas break coming up.  Because, if it were in the middle of a semester, I'd be in trouble. :o)

Here is what she sent:
Thank you JB!!  I love them.  I am wearing the bracelet now, and Livi just put the ornament on the tree.
She did leave a note saying that all of these items are handmade, but only the tatted items were made by her own hands.  :o)
So, now it's my turn!!

The first three people to decide that they would like a handmade item from me and are willing to in turn host their own PIF will be accepted. 

Now, for the Request/ Offer:
I should post these on separate posts, but one will end up getting lost/ ignored/ not seen/ whatever
, so I will put them together.

I told you I had a return that I needed to issue, right?  Well, I got the package back.  

As you can see these are already unwound.  I would like to sell these without putting them on Etsy.  If you would like one, I am willing to sell them for $7 each, and only $2 for the shipping overall.
That means if you were to buy all 9, you could get them for $65
If you would like to only purchase 1, it would be $9.
Please not that if you were to buy these from Etsy, and got the unwinding, it would cost ~ $80

I really don't like complaining or having people feel sorry for me.  I know that a lot of people are having financial problems these days and being right before Christmas makes it all the worse. 
But, please know that I will extremely grateful to you if you help me move these. 

These are what I have available:
Size 20 Blue Tango
Size 20 Serendipity
Size 20 Little Boy Blue
Size 20 Mother of Pearl
Size 20 Key Lime Raspberry Parfait
Size 20 My Bleeding Heart
Size 20 Chilled
Size 20 Delicately Delicious
Size 40 Rainbowlicious

As these move, I will update this list. 



  1. Replies
    1. Really? That would be so fabulous! You are helping me out more than I can possibly put into words. God Bless you. Can you please email me at or through Etsy so we can go through the additional details.

  2. I have one participant for the PIF!
    Marie from West Pine Creations tried to leave a comment, but wasn't able to do so.
    So, I still have room for 2 more people.

  3. yes I would like to join the PIF

  4. YAY! I have three participants!! I look forward to making something for you three!!