Monday, December 31, 2012

Penelope, Layla, tatting, smiles

This is Penelope!!  My best friend Mandy made her for me.  Isn't she darling???  Mandy secretly made this one for me with yarn and fabric that I had dyed for her.  I just love her!!  
Mandy does such a wonderful job on these dolls!  She hand sews them and hand paints their adorable faces!

I introduced her to Layla, and Layla was not impressed. 

 Then, I tried to teach her to tat.  Nice, right??

Thank you Mandy for my new friend!! I will always cherish her! (and you!)

Then, I decided to take pictures of some of my recent tatted items that I haven't shown yet:
Another one of Karey's snowflakes, this one in Chilled Mess

I'm working on Julie Patterson's Petals bookmark in Calliope Mess

Here is Jon's Sweetheart Medallion, on the left is size 40 Grackle Mess and on the right size 100 Rainbowlicious :o)

And Layla, slept the entire time I photographed :o)

And Oh yea!!!  This is the last post of the year!!
Woo hoo!!

If you go out and decide to party into the new year, please be careful!!


  1. Lovely dolls, glad you a re teaching them to tat, new tatters always welcome.
    Lovely pieces of tatting
    Happy new year to you and Livi
    If you go out tonight you take care too, me I shall be going to bed, we saw the new year last year and its not been a good year so if we don't see it in will it be better.

  2. Lovely doll and even lovelier tatting...that snowflake particularly caught my eye, that is going to be beautiful in that colorway! Have a terrific New Year!

  3. Really cute doll, and such a sweet photo of her "learning to tat". Your tatting is exquisite. Wow, that size 100 sure is tiny! Hope your new year is wonderful!