Monday, December 3, 2012

Rainbow-licious is here!!

OKay!  This batch is only size 20.  I did dye 30 of them though.  I only listed 15 though.
Once everyone that reserved one or however many gets theirs I will list the other 15.
That's the easiest way I know to do it.

So, if you reserved a skein, or two, you can purchase them now.  If by chance you go to the shop and they are sold out, I have others that have been set aside.  I really didn't forget to set one aside for you.

I will be doing more in other sizes.  I want to do some of the bigger skeins in size 60 and 80.  I will also do a few size 40s.  There is a couple of 40s in the shop now, but they are from the last batch. 


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