Monday, September 3, 2012

When size matters

On top LadyShuttleMaker's Enchantment size 100, on bottom, my Tat-ilicious Fancy Fields size 20.

I redyed some Fancy Fields for Tat Days.  I used a sample sized skein to make Livi another Starflower MOB.  This one fits on the button that's on her hairclip right now, but I think I should make another clip with a bigger button, so that this motif won't fall off like the other one did.

That is why the motif fell off, the button was too small.  

Now, the size 100, well... the button is entirely too big for this tiny motif.  It's so cute though. :o)

Livi is SOOO excited about going to Tat Days this week.  Every few minutes she'll ask me "How many more days until we go to Georgia?"  She's already packed like 5 bags for the trip.  AND she tells EVERYONE that we are going to Georgia after being at school for three days so that we can go to Tat Days.
I think she might even be more excited than myself, if you can believe it. 

We even went and bought a bag of mini tootsie pops and she is planning to hand them out to everyone.  Also, she has beaded a necklace with the beads that Diane sent her and she is planning to sell it at my booth with my thread. 

As far as dyeing goes... I plan to do one more small batch tonight and then I'm done.  I've done A LOT of dyeing to prepare for this weekend.  I'm not quite "dyed-out", but I would like to take off a day or two lol.
Really, it's not the dyeing that is tiring.  That part is fun.  It's the winding and then the washing that's exhausting. 
It's all worth it though. <3<3<3