Monday, September 17, 2012

Feeling Box-y!

Okay, a little back story....
A few days ago, I got a link to blog that had printable tags.  The tags were super cute BUT when I went to look at their other printables.... I found this:
DIY cutout pendants

Which got me to thinking about this:
Jane Eborall's Diamond Motif

These ideas together, compelled me to tat this:

I think a bunch of these joined together in the style of the pendant would be fabulous!

I need a little insight!

Do YOU think it looks good the way it is (with the navy border on the sides) OR should I do the sides of the boxes in just one color/ one vaigated and then just do the "open top" of the box the dark color?

I personally am leaning more towards, leaving off the "border" and just tatting the top in the separate/ darker color.

Because these diamonds are really pretty simple, they are good walking around motifs!
Which means I can tat on them while walking to class.  .... I'll work on a borderless version tomorrow! (in my spare , walking time)  If I am sitting, I need to be studying for my Biochem exam that is on Thursday!



  1. I'm not sure, but from what I am envisioning it seems that the border gives it more definition as a may not be as easily recognized as such without it.

  2. I feel that you need the border, as Julie says, it gives more definition as box.
    walking and tatting? stay safe.

  3. I did not see the box.

    I think each version would look different so I am eager to see it tatted up.

    Another suggestion would be to have borders for each diamond and the diamonds could be in different shades.

  4. We think alike - I used Jane's diamond to do 'tumbling blocks' a few years ago. I'll e-mail you a photo.

  5. I like it as you have done it, but if you want a box affect then it would have to be in black, but it's worth trying the variegated threads around too

  6. I like the way it looks now, so I'm curious to see where this idea leads you!

  7. I think it would be pretty as a motif without the border, but I agree with the others who have said that if you really want the "box" effect, leave the border on.

  8. Thank you everyone for the awesome suggestions! When I get time, I will try all the possible variations and show them. :o)