Thursday, September 27, 2012

Must document before gift giving.


oh goodness!!!!!

Okay, I am about to give my cousin her new bookmark.  Literally, going to leave any minute.

However, I had a certain "freak out" moment of "AHH! I actually finished a project and don't have a picture!!"


So, here is it, the finished product!!

Tat-ilicious size 60 Bahamas and Susie Sunshine
Jane Eborall's Fandango Bookmark
With a alternating encapsulating tail (?)

No ends were hidden in this bookmark lol


  1. Oh how bright and fun!!! Looks great!! :)
    I think I would have a problem reading cuz' I would keep looking at the bookmark!! :)

  2. lol I know right?

    My cousin doesn't actually read much, so I don't think it will distract her from that task. lol
    She just always wants something that I've made.

  3. Very Very pretty...lovely colors and pretty design! I'm sure she will love it and enjoy having that particular something that you have made!!!