Friday, September 21, 2012

What a Day!! :o)

So, our day started out at the Tiger Walk!!

Livi got good and sweaty! 

Then I went to Hobby Lobby and got this frame for my prize doily!
This frame is the kind that has a hinge door to the front.  Then it has a batting that keeps your stuff stationary.
I am hoping that this a good way to show it/ preserve it.

If you haven't noticed, I added a link to the side of my blog to an article on preserving textiles.  

I can summarize what I "know" to this:
Open air is bad, because dust is mostly human skin which = acid... bad!
Moist areas are bad because they equal microbial growth.... which also means acid.
Frequent washing is bad because it threatens the integrity of the fibers themselves.

In the article that I read, it suggested cycling your textiles pieces.  Storing them for 3/4 of the year in a cool dark environment and then displaying them the other 1/4 of the year.  
Sounds good if you can remember to change them out. 

I also started a little scrapbook of my tatting.  That's just so that the pieces are just left wherever I finish them.
It's funny, I find half finished motifs all over the place.  I guess they just get tucked in whatever bag I'm using and then eventually fall out. lol
Do you have this same problem at your home?
And Where do you store your finished pieces?

I also got some more thread dyed last night. 
CrazyMom doesn't know it just yet (though I am sure she will once she sees this)
But one of these skeins is going to be traveling to her house soon.  It's part of her giveaway winning.
She said I could choose her thread color, and since she seemed particularly fond of the "Torch Lily" that I used to make my coin purse a little while back... I decided to dye some more. :o)

I am out of size 40 right now.  So, I only dyed up size 20 this time.  I really love how it turned out though, so I will be doing more!  I will try to get the 20s in the shop by tonight! 

I LOVE these colors:
I want to do a colorway similar to this.
What do you think?

Vera Bradley tech accessory


  1. Crazy Mom gets pretty threads.
    that is a pretty frame for your tatted doily.
    that could be an interesting colorway. looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Lots of colors there.

  2. Love the colorway - and you SHOULD dye something to match that purse...

  3. Anyone who thinks dust is mostly human skin has spent neither spring nor fall in New Mexico--and some years the winter and summer are just as bad!

    Love the new color way!--Wait, I like most of your color ways!

  4. Maybe I should specify *household* dust. lol

    And thank you! I love color!

  5. Yup, I have little tatted motifs all over the place. And yup, I love the colourway. Looks as though Livi worked hard at her tiger walk, I hope it was successful.

  6. I am very untidy and tatting gets everywhere, so you are not alone in finding motifs in odd places.
    The new colourway is great, go for it.