Thursday, September 6, 2012

Palmetto Tat Days!


I am picking Livi up from school in a little less than an hour.  From there, we will be on our way to Georgia!
I have a little over 400 skeins of thread to sell.  I also put a couple of kits together for a "DIY MOB Barrettes" that have hand dyed denim circles in them. I'm also thinking about putting some little kits together for "DIY MOB Pins". Fun, right??
I also purchased an assortment of "doodads" to offer!  They will range from 25 cents to $10.  I only have 4 of the ones that I am selling for $10 though.  They are SUPER pretty.  ALSO! I bought some of these cell phone charm "findings" (I guess that's what you'd call them)... but anyway, these are the normal kind, these plug into the headphone jack on your phone, so they could also be laptop charms too.  I will have about 20 of those to offer.  (These will be $1.50 ea.)
AND buttons and bob-eez!  LOTS of Bob Eez!!

So, if you are going to Tat Days, please come by my booth and visit me!

My "blogaversary" will be this weekend! (On Sunday)  I can not believe it has been a year already!

I plan to do a giveaway when I get back in town, so stay tuned!


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