Wednesday, September 19, 2012

200th post and a Special One Time Offer! (One Day Only!)

The fact that this in my 200th post is actually just coincidental.  (But cool, don't get me wrong!)

Okay!  Livi (my 5 year old daughter for those who may not know) is having a fundraiser at school.  This fundraiser is the "Tiger Walk", apparently it's their biggest fundraiser of the year.

If you would like to donate to Livi's fundraiser, you can do so with the button above.
Livi would certainly very much appreciate it!

**Update**  Any and all donation amounts will be GREATLY appreciated!

Now, for the Special Offer:
If you donate $20 or more, I will dye a full ball of thread for you.  I will dye it either to be a Messy Jess!-y , which will be unique and included colors of your choosing.
OR I can dye the thread with the colors of one of my colorways.

When you donate, please include your requested colors and or colorway in the comment box!

I will cover the cost of the ball of thread, the dyeing and shipping and give your entire donation to Livi's school. 

Please give me at least a couple of weeks to get your thread dyed and mailed to you. (I am in school and I don't want to rush the dyeing process and mess up)

As far as what kinds of balls of thread:  If Handy Hands sells it, I will dye it. 

If you have any questions, please email me or leave a comment. 

Thank you in advance to any takers of this deal!
Because my funds are limited, my donation to the school would be limited. 
So, this is less about selling thread, and more about turning my service or niche into a donation to my child's school.  So, I am very appreciative of your help with making that happen. :o)

I have also dyed and listed the "Young Hearts" colorway!

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