Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Mother of Pearl" got a little makeover

Hmmm..... Well, I'm a little shocked by this scan. Why?

Well, any other time that I took any photo of "Mother of Pearl", the lighter one looked gray/white, pink, and blue.  Even in plain daylight... that's how it looks.

But, next to the "newer" version, that has all the same dyes as the original, only darker.... you can actually see that there are 5 different colors in the lighter version.

I guess that just goes to show that all things really are relative. :o)

Just as a reminder... here's a picture of this same lighter version:

pretty crazy huh???

Well, I still like the new one.  It shows the colors better.  Even though this scan really doesn't show them all that well... which again... is tripping me up a little. 

Who knows!