Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pretty! New colors from Lizbeth? (VERY short post)

Have you noticed the new colors on the Lizbeth color chart??

I shouldn't, but I really like Herbal Garden (I always thought Lizbeth would come up with camouflage thread... even though I think my Camolicious is better lol)
Also, Elderberry Jame and Grape Pomegranate look yummy!

Really, since I dye, I don't buy many variegateds, but I will be picking up some Poppy Red once it's available!



  1. I almost jumped through the computer to scream at you, Lady! I *JUST* put in an order with HH about five minutes ago... All shuttles. If those threads would have been available and I didn't even look at the threads, I would have been screaming right now!

    Stephanie Grace

  2. Just spent some time happily haunting their thread chart...some nice variegated ones but I really love some of the new solids...charcoal! Garnet! poppy red! gorgeousness...really going to have to find a reason to need those colors!