Sunday, September 23, 2012

This is what I should not have been working on this weekend!

Julie Patterson's "Eye Spy"
from Just Marking Tome 
Tat-ilicious size 60 "Young Hearts"

This weekend, I should have been studying for my Italian and Microbiology test that is tomorrow.
However, instead, I found myself stuck at Chris's apartment because his mom was having some sort of paranoid anxiety/ major depressive episode.  Of course, I find it EXTREMELY difficult and even very very frustrating to try to study with any distractions.  So, I saved myself the headache and just worked on this bookmark.  I really like it.  I didn't get one of the rings good and closed at the end.  The thread had gotten wet, so I knew that if I pulled on it that the thread would break, which would mean more stress on me.  I was stressed out enough by not being able to study so I left it as it was. 
I plan to take a needle and tidy up the tassel (which is my first attempt at a tassle!) and I will make the open ring look more presentable then.  It could also use some blocking. 
Livi wants to give this bookmark to her teacher.  I told her that was fine by me. :o)

I found this in my room the other day.  I made it a few months ago for Val, but right before I went to send it, I lost it.  Now, that I have found it, I may just have to pop it in the mail. :o)

Now, I must study.  I will hold my screaming panic inside for now.  But later, if you hear a scream... it may be me.  I might need a good scream before I am able to actually sit down and concentrate.  
It has just been one of those kinds of weekends!


  1. well, no worries scream if you have to. or run around the outside of the house several times till some of the excess energy is used up.
    that is a pretty bookmark.

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  3. Hope the screaming meanies have left you.

    You did produce a FABULOUS bookmark. I love it! That thread is wonderful.

    Hope your week goes well!
    xxoox Fox : )

  4. Hang in there! Or to quote you "Keep Calm and Tat on!"
    gorgeous bookmark!

  5. Sharon said...tatting sure is good for stress levels, good luck with your studying and exams! :-)

  6. The bookmark is gorgeous. Hope you get some studying done!!

  7. Beautiful bookmark, well done,
    I hope you manage to do some studying and you can let out your screams and it will make you feel better.

  8. Sorry your studying didn't go well, but it looks like you were productive. Beautiful bookmark!

    Good luck on your test.

  9. Your bookmark is gorgeous Jess - I love the colours of Young Hearts (oh no! not another one I've got to get for my collection??!). I hope your studying goes well and that you are able to catch up.

    Best wishes for your exams.

  10. Absolutely beautiful bookmark!!! :)

  11. I didn't even realise that microbes spoke Italian!


  12. By golly, Adrian! THAT must be why I was having such a hard time studying!!
    Too bad I got this comment AFTER my exams. lol

    Thank you everyone for your fabulous comments. You brightened my day immensely!