Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More Tat Days items... and more colorways in the shop

So, I have A LOT of thread!  I still have not counted every one of them.  BUT, if I knew I had a colorway, I went ahead and listed it with a number of skeins that I was certain that I had.  This way, I don't have to physically count them all.  So, as they sell, I will add to the number Etsy shows. Does that make sense?

That also means that if you want more skeins that what is listed, ask me, because I might have more in my stash!

I also have 2 new colorways!
Blue Tango and Dark Rainbow!

So here is some of the stuff that came home with me from Tat Days!

Books! Easy Tatting, is for Livi.  She "won" it from the Auction that was after the banquet because she was under 4 ft tall.  She was VERY proud to have won this book!
I just HAD to pick up "Fun with Split Ring Tatting"!!!
The frame is from HJ Hess, such a sweet sweet lady!  

Now, while I'm not completely off clovers... I do enjoy the bobbin shuttles! 
So, I "needed" one of Jane's Bobbin Holder Pouches
and I also "needed" a hook with a hat from Sally!!

THREAD!! I actually bought 2 from Karey, but I could wait to take a picture and have already unwound 2 of them!
I was also priveldged with the opportunity to do a little thread for thread sway with Marilee (Yarnplayer)
The sweet dangle is from Marie Smith, and is Jane Mclellan's design!  So sweet!

And who could POSSIBLY pass up a chance at a GR-8 shuttle! Especially when you get pick one out instead of getting a "random" one!



  1. I would have loved to attend that event!

  2. sounds like you had a good time. Congrats to Livi on her winning.
    have fun with your new shuttle and supplies

  3. I have been enjoying all your pictures very much! - and it's lovely to see your little daughter as well. There's a book inyour picture today which I don't have!! - hard to believe, I know, just ask Ginny Weathers, but could I ask for details on the little blue book called "patterns I love to tat"? - I can't read the author's name.
    Is there anything written inside to book to tell me where I can buy a copy?

  4. It is such fun having so much given and so much to buy. We were in Tats Heaven!