Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Met a new tatter, got our picture taken, found out I won another blue ribbon!

Livi and I went to the fair tonight.  Mostly, we went so that we could meet Mrs. Phillips, a tatter here in Memphis who tats at the fair every year.  She was super sweet!  I told her we should get together soon and tat. :o)  She had seen my blog before, but didn't realize that I lived in her neck of woods.  
So excited to live near another tatter!

But, since we were at the fair, Livi and I stopped at the Antique photo booth. 

This is my first professional picture of Livi and I.
Livi had the option of me holding a fan, money, or whiskey.  She chose whiskey.  The photographer chose the money bag lol

And a solo of my girl.  She's so sweet!

Remember this thread?  Well, I talked to Karen (in OR) and we have decided this will be perfect for the "Young Hearts" colorway that she suggested way back when. 
She had sent me this picture as a inspiration for color, there are so many wonderful colors in this picture. 
I'm sure there would be a great many colorways that come out of this one picture!


OH!! And the reason I bring up the thread is that I found it at the fair! It also got a blue ribbon.  I didn't have my phone or a camera, so I didn't get picture.  My friend looked for it when she went to the fair last Friday, but it was hard to find! :o)

**** Also, I have put my Etsy shop on vacation so that I can get the final organizing touches on my inventory.  Since I have never done anything "vendor"-ish... I feel completely lost.  Should I make signs?
Should I just lay them out on the table?  I don't have each skein labelled.  That probably would have been nice, but it's too late for that.  I have receipts!  At least I have that.  I plan to charge $7 + tax for each skein... I guess I could make a sign that says something to that effect. 
Which also  reminds me, I need to find the key to my lockbox and go to the bank and get "change"

So many things to remember.  Atleast tatters are the best and I have a feeling that everyone will take it easy on me for my first vending experience! 


  1. I love the pictures! Livi looks adorable, and the whiskey bottle is just too much lol. Have a fantastic time at Tat days, and good luck with your sales. Knowing how much I love your threads you'll likely sell out!

  2. I'm hoping you'll have country French and Bahamas available when I get there, can't wait!

  3. Connie, I do have both of those colorways. Mostly in size 20, but I do have other sizes. :o)

  4. I like that picture of you and Livi.