Tuesday, April 24, 2012

See? I'm tatting along

The bottom two flowers are not attached because they are going to be retatted.  I don't like how they turned out.  Plus, I changed it up a little bit, and these were tatted before I made the change.

As you can probably see, my leaves are a little different. I kind of like these though.
I just so happened did a couple of solids the last time I dyed. That's why these two colors match the flowers so well.

I realized today that I never really showed how far I went with the last one.  So here it is.  I will probably tat the other flowers .....one of these day :o)

And this is the thread that I used for the first picture.  I call it "Esmeralda".  Why? You ask.
Well, that's because in my Italian class there is this really sweet girl, named Esmeralda, and she had on this super pretty dress the other day.  So I jotted down the colors that were in the dress and told her I would tat her a little something with some thread named after her, that was the same colors as those in her dress.  This was the result.  Pretty, right?

These will not be in the shop until I have time to re-dye which will be sometime this summer.  (which is coming up pretty soon for me) But I will include one skein of size 40 of "Esmeralda" in the giveaway from my other post. 

How's that for incentive??

And of course, like always, these colors look fabulous in person and dingy on the screen.  One of these days, I am going to learn to take better advantage of sunny days. :o)

Oh and this..... is my latest attempt at Torch Lily
And of course this is my new favorite Frivole's The Heart Within
lol, the bead may have been a little too big... but it's cute all the same :o)


  1. The bead color matches the thread color very well.
    your Esmeralda thread is a pretty colorway.
    how do you have time to be a mom, go to school, dye thread and tat???? not to mention housework. do you ever sleep?

  2. Ahh.. lots of multi tasking. Down side of ADD... I can't study if there are any distractions. It just won't happen, so I don't try to study, until I am distraction free. So, if Livi is outside playing, I sit on the porch and wind skeins. The dyeing part doesn't actually take that much time, and Livi usually helps me with that part. If I'm walking, I'm probably tatting. If I'm waiting on anything, I'm probably tatting. Housework? Livi helps. She pretty much stays within a arms reach of me all day (except for when she's playing outside of course). I love it though. If I could find a way to use all that time to study, I'd probably be doing better in school. For a LONG time I worked nights (at FedEx) and went school and had Livi all day and was a "taxi" carrying her daddy to and from work everyday. He moved to an apartment close to his work though, so he walks now. (Much better for my sanity and car's mileage) I thought that I would be able to sleep if I quit my job, but it hasn't happened yet. (Because I do most of my studying at nighttime)
    Wow, I turned that into a loaded question didn't I? lol

  3. Those tat-alongs look like a lot of work!!
    And I love that heart!! :)

  4. Hi Jess, I must apologize that I did not see this post until now. I am happy to see that you have improvised.