Sunday, April 8, 2012

Have you been to McDonald's lately??

If not, it may be worth your time to make a visit.

Why? Because the "doll toy" or girl toy right now is SQUINKIES!
So what, right?

Well, this is why you may be interested:

The toys are inside these plastic balls, which are quite large, as you can see. They have convenient holes in both halves, which means you could store small balls of thread in them.  I'd even dare say you could keep floss bobbin cards on thread in them.  Now, they are definitely round, which means they will roll.  But if you keep it in a bag anyway... it's perfect!!!  I love them! And Livi loves the Squinkie toys that are found inside! Win-Win!!!

I really think that a Lizbeth size 80 ball will fit too, but I haven't tried it yet.  

If you go and get some, let me know what you think of them too.
If you are like me, you don't need nor want any more food than what comes in a Happy meal anyway.
AND they put fries and apples in every happy meal.  :o)

btw: this is my 97th post... I can't believe I've actually stuck with this blogging thing for this long. ;o) I have all you wonderful commenters to thank for that!!


  1. Ah that's just so cute! What a good idea! Wish I lived near a McD's.

  2. i totally have two of those! thanks for the suggestion!
    AND they put fries and apples in every happy meal. :o) LOL so funny!

  3. we are always on the lookout for cute containers that will hold a ball of thread and or a shuttle. good for you for repurposing what some people would consider trash.

    Happy Easter

  4. What a great idea, I'm always looking for small containers to keep my thread safe from the kitties.
    Congrats on #97!