Friday, April 6, 2012

A plan in the making:

Torch Lily! Red Hot Poker!

I remember going to my Granny's in Virginia and seeing my first Red Hot Poker! I feel in love!  So, when I went to thinking about what I wanted my next colorway to be.... I became obsessed with the idea of Torch lilies/ Red Hot Pokers.

Would anyone else be interested???

Pretty right???

I may do a test dyeing first though, because I want to get it close to perfect.  Then if there is a lot interest, I'll do a bigger batch.  I think it will be quite lovely though.

So, I had a very lovely piece of tatting to show you.  It was another of Iris's Nora center, but this time in Rainbow-licious.  I had it all tatted up and hid the ends.  Then I had the bright idea to sew it on to a hair clip.  Livi has been practically begging for a hair bow.  But, I wanted to sew a little bead or something in the middle to help hide my horrible sewing that would result from it being sewed on to the hairclip.  I sat down the hair clip and tatting and went up to get the beads.  Came back down with the beads.... and then tatting was no where to be seen.  I asked Livi if maybe she moved it but she said she didn't touch it.  I believe her but I can't for the life of me think of where it could have gone.  I'm tempted to climb under the coffee table to see if maybe Layla dragged it under there.  She does that sometimes. That's unlikely this time though, because I am missing the tatting and the hairclip.  Layla would have only carried off the tatting.  

On yet another note:

I bought some little 2 inch compact mirrors that have bevels on the top for decorating.  I'm considering whether to decoupage them and try to sell them on Etsy or to tat something and some how attach that to them.  I am getting kind of broke right now, so my creative spirit is roaring.  The fact that I go into this create mode whenever I start feeling broke makes me really wonder about some people that seem so content to just sit at home and feed off of other people.
I start feeling broke, and I find a way to make some money.  But I know people, very close to me, that would rather sit on their bums and just complain about the situation.  I just don't understand it.

Another note:

I got some very horrifying news yesterday.  I found out that a guy, that Chris and I used to hang out with, murdered his pregnant girlfriend when they went to the casinos  Wednesday night/ Thursday morning.
It's one of those situations where you just don't even know how to process the information.  He not only killed the girl, the news said he "mutilated" her, stabbed her to death.  
It just blows my mind.  Every time I've seen him, he was a happy go lucky guy.  He had a drug problem though, and Chris and I suspect that he was hopped up on something and just went crazy on her.  It's so horrific though.  This guy, Nate, he had an obscene number of kids.  I was thinking he had like 6 kids, but I got it confused, he had like 6 "baby mamas". Chris said he had something on the order of 13 kids.
He used to live across the street from Livi's Papaw and Neenee (Chris's dad and stepmom).  When he saw us go over there he would always come over and talk about how sweet and cute Livi was.  
It's so sad really, for the family of the girl and for his family.  
How do things get so bad that you could be brought to that?  
Walk away, cool down and analyze the options and the consequences of your actions.

Here are some links if you want to read up more on this story:


  1. that would make a pretty color combo.
    hope you will find your missing tatting and clip. did you check down the side of the chair? between the seat and the arm? or the seat and the back?

    that is a sad story at the end. too bad people have to use violence.

  2. I love your new idea for a color combo! I hope you find your missing piece soon.

    That is such a sad story.