Monday, April 9, 2012

"Royally Jess!-ed Up" aka RJU

Size 40 "Royally Jess!-ed Up 001" Anne Bruvold's Dragon Wing Doily and One Shuttle Chevron Heart by Jess! 
I really like this pattern.  It was the perfect pattern to tat while visiting the "in-luvs" this weekend.  Didn't require an overwhelming amount of attention but kept me busy.

 I finally came up with a name! Of course Torch Lily will not work, because I still plan to do a Torch Lily colorway.  It will however have less green and more yellow.  (if you don't know what I am talking about, just see here and here.)
As you may know, I have had other batches that didn't quite meet my standards. And, I am sure to have more in the future... So, I will call them RJUs "Royally Jess!-ed Up 001", oh I love it!  An "RJU"!!

So that means that this colorway just happens to be the first RJU (hence the 001)
Don't you like how I have allowed for the numbering system to go up to 999?

I really have enjoyed tatting with the first RJU, it really is very pretty!  Hopefully Torch Lily will be even better!!


  1. Love the color...and what a perfect name!

  2. Love the brightness of the colors and how they look on that doily and heart!!! :)

  3. that is a pretty doily. even if your colorway didn't come up to your expectations, it is still pretty. cute heart