Friday, April 20, 2012

More bartering items!

Now, these actually came in on Wednesday, but with all the exams and such that I've had going on, I couldn't really sit down and enjoy them until now.

First Cindy from A Happy Bluebird sent this cute little bag. It's like the origami bag but different, if that makes sense.  This one has pockets on the inside, not on the outside. And, these "Radiant Pearls", they look like a lot of fun!!
Thank you Cindy!! I hope you like the thread because I know I like this stuff!!

Next: these little goodies came from Beelizabeth.  The bookmark is in Lizbeth 20 and the pattern is found HERE on Jane's Blog.  Is there a name for this pattern other than "Bookmark from Jane in South Africa"? 
She also included this little purse dangle which is tatted in Krystledawne's "Getaway" thread that she won through a contest! And then her actual barter item is the cute little beaded Listerine breath strip thing.  This thing is SOO cute!! I will admit, when she first mentioned sending me some breath strips, I kind of thought, "What?!?" I don't even use breath strips BUT this is just too cute.  Once the breath strips are gone, I will keep needles in the case.  Though the actual Listerine container does come out of the beading quite easily, but is still snug, if that makes sense. 

So, Beelizabeth's bookmark inspired me to tat my own.... and then another lol
Actually the first one is for myself, it's tatted in LadyShuttlemaker's Confetti Sprinkles
Size 80.  I added a split ring tail which is attached to a round shell bead around a few other beads. ... SHUT THE FRONT DOOR..... did I just say beads?????
Yes, I added beads to my tatting.  Okay technically I added one of these shell beads to my tatting here, but that doesn't count, I was tatting on that bead. Technically this doesn't really count, but that's alright. lol
I really just wanted to say "Shut the front door" I think it's funny
The pink/purple one is my own Tatilicious thread in size 40. To the tail of this one I have added another of these same round white shell beads, but with a different center bead.  This one is for a young lady that I go to church with.  She's in the sixth grade now, but I used to watch her and her younger sister when they were just babies.  She LOVES to read, so I told her I would make her a bookmark.  You what that means though right?  I'll be making another one before Sunday so that I will have one for sister too. :o)
They also have a younger brother that is Livi's age, but I don't think he will mind too too much that I don't have anything for him.  Though Livi wants to give him a shirt that I tie dyed.  I guess I could take that just in case. 

But onward.... the next thing with the gorgeous ceramic medalion (made by the Oh so talented LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter aka Sherry Pence) is on a WIP (which I discovered last week means Work in Progress... thank you google) bracelet.  
As you can see I started with a split chain tail (CTM) and then took both shuttles and made a leaf braid with each. (attaching the inner picots along the way) THEN I took the threads back together to feed them through the beads and medallion.  I am very very very tempted to cut these beads off and reattach a different way.  I love the tatting and I really love the medallion but I am not crazy about how the beads look right now.  I still want the pearls in there, but not the way they are now.

OH!! The thread is Lizbeth size 80 in silver.

As far as the beads are concerned:
Last week I order some "grab bags" of beads from Goodybeads, and some of these beads came from there. I really like the idea of the grab bag.  Because I do not use a lot of beads, I don't want to buy a lot of beads and if I do buy a thing of beads, I always end up with extra beads... and who wants to use the same beads on different projects?? So, the grab bags give you a variety of beads for a low price. This is especially perfect for me, since I feel like a bead n00B!


  1. Like the bookmarks very much !

  2. I LOVE the thread - thank you so much! It arrived today - Livi did a good job on the greens :)

    Glad you like the bag & Radiant Pearls, too.

    Thanks so much for the bartering - I love how that works out for both parties!

  3. Great bookmarks in fabulous colors!! And I can't wait to see your finished bracelet! :)