Friday, April 27, 2012

Ladybug or Olivia??

About a month ago, I asked Livi's teacher's what their favorite colors were.  One teacher said yellow and green.  Easy enough.  The other.. black and red. Now, if I were just going to order some thread solid thread from Handy Hands, then these both would be easy.  But, my whole plan was to dye some thread for them and then tat something for them.  Well, Livi can easily do the green and yellow.  There's really not much to mess up there. But, red and black.... eek! The only other possible combination that I can think that would be harder would be Black and Yellow.
Then at some point on Wednesday, I realized that a black and red skein would be perfectly ladybuggish.  This realization was enough to spark my interest enough to try it.

But when I was unwinding the thread onto my little Bob-ee(z), I kept thinking... this reminds me of something else.  I couldn't put my finger on it though.

But this is what it was:

I LOVE these books, (though we only own a couple)! In fact, when I found out that I was having a little girl, Livi's name was already picked out for her.  So, I soon discovered these books.  I went ahead and bought one before she was born.  And little Olivia was the screensaver on my phone for "ages"

But, as you can see... Black, white, and red... could make for a nice ladybug or Olivia colorway.

If you are wondering, we (well I was anyway) were tickled pink when we found out that Olivia was going to get very own show on Nickelodeon. We watch that show quite frequently actually.  But of course the books are far better.

But anyway, here's the thread. You can see part of the Mary Konior Large cross that I'm doing in the size 60.
I added a floss bobbin of Lizbeth's Christmas Red for color comparison.  Color comparison is also why I left the clover show.  

Which brings up a funny story:  I was trying to think of an item that I was pretty sure most tatters would have at their house so that I could use them as color comparisons for the pictures. It took a surprisingly long time to think of common Lizbeth threads and clover shuttles. 

I REALLY like this pattern!  It's from
I used the same thread that I used for the leaves on my most current Tat along. 

Tomorrow, I will list the couple skeins that I already have of Citrilicious, and these ladybug/ Olivia skeins.

The Citrilicious was relatively easy to dye, so that can definitely be a repeat item if does well in the shop/ if there's an interest for it.

The black and red was quite the pain though, so I don't forsee there being an abundance of that one in the shop.  But, who knows.  I know I really like how the little cross is turning out.  

But, now I'm going to bed, I've stayed up working on a paper for the last two nights and I am wore out!


  1. Good work! Black and red are both really difficult colours to dye. Easy to end up grey and pink! (which is not a bad combination if that's what you're aiming for)

  2. Olivia is one of my favorite books as well. I have no interest in learning anything about dyeing... it looks way too complicated to me! If I do any cleaning around the house this weekend, I'll keep my eyes open for possible color combinations. Sometimes I need someone to ask me to look for something in order to be able to see it!

  3. Another Olivia fan here!

    However, for a thread name, I would go with "ladybugs" or "ladybirds"...

    I must say I love the citrilicious combo!

  4. Your cross is looking really great!! :)
    And the motifs are pretty too! :)