Saturday, April 21, 2012

Challenge Ball Giveaway!!!!

FIRST!! I want to say that this giveaway comes with strings attached.... little stipulations, and they are as following:
1) To win this giveaway you must either already have a blog or be willing to start a blog.
2) If you win you agree to use the items of the giveaway and post the results on your blog
3) You agree to host a giveaway of your own, challenging your own readers to use different items or even similar items.
**UPDATE- there is no time limit, and I won't hunt you down if you don't follow through with the "agreement".  It's just for fun :o) **
If an item of this giveaway proves to be too hard for you to put to use, I will be okay with you including it in your own giveaway. :o)

Sound fair?

So, to enter, all you must do is comment on this blog post.
Here are the challenge items:
 Notice that I'm also including a McDonald's Squinkies ball, hence the name "Challenge BALL"... 
you do not need to pass along the ball in your giveaway, you can keep it. 

I have these items and I will be creating with them as well, so I do not feel like I'm asking anyone to do something that I would not do myself. :o)

I have already put one of these together and its going in the mail today to an unsuspecting blog owner, I'm not telling who. But if that person tries to enter, I will not count their entry into the giveaway. That is because they are already getting one, they just don't know it yet. 
BUT no one knows who that mystery person is SO, enter the giveaway as if it were not you, because it probably isn't. lol

Oh and I'll draw a random winner next Saturday. AND I will include a couple of HDT skeins!!!

On a non-giveaway note:
Here is a closeup of the WIP bracelet that I am using with LadyShuttleMaker's ceramic medallion.
I cut off the beads, if you saw the last post you know what I'm talking about.

At this point, I'm thinking that I will either just go ahead and make the other side and then maybe make a flower medallion (like the Tischband flower) to go behind the ceramic medallion.... or I don't know yet.  

Any ideas from the Peanut Gallery?


  1. This sounds crazy, Jess, as crazy as some of the elements of the giveaway (did I recognize eyes there?And what the hell is the wooden piece in there?) and as crazy as we are :-)))
    But that's what life makes fun, don't it?!! Yes,Jess I want to participate, want to play,let the ball roll to Euroge! Happy crazyness, Gunhild... (and did you mention there will be skeins of your wonderful thread inside??? ;)

  2. I'm still playing with the wonderful set of goodies you sent me in your last giveaway and having a great time with them. Your threads have inspired my designs. I finished another bookmark design with one of them while I was in Chicago on business earlier this past week. I haven't even had time to get the pictures together and post on my own blog, but I wanted to pop in at your blog and again say thank you.

  3. I'm kind of scared to comment, but if the giveaway gods smile down on me and have you pick my number, this is probably a challenge that I need. I'm getting too stuck in my comfort zone; it'd probably be just the push I need. :-)

    Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway! Wish I had some thought on the bracelet, but you made me hide under the bed for a bit when you said 'Tischband'! *blushes*

    Stephanie Grace

  4. This sounds like too much fun! What a great way to get those creative juices flowing. You well know my fan-girl love of your threads, so you better believe I want in on this give away! ( I already have some ideas bubbling to the surface)

  5. AS long as we have a year to complete the challenge I'm in :) I'm moving this week and all tatting is packed!!!

  6. Ok, I was unsure whether to take part or not, but something about the addition of Esmeralda thread in the "egg" made me take the plunge. And also the fact I am having the draw for a giveaway next Saturday too! (pop by if you want!)

    I have not done much tatting with "things", unless you count plastic rings, beads, flat beads... and flip flop sandals... hmmmm... ok, yep, I love getting creative with tatting! And I even have some idea of something to include when I pass it on...