Saturday, April 7, 2012

Close, but not quite good enough... just yet & **Barter Proposal**

Why? can I not just say something and go through with it?? I said I was going to do a test dye and what did I do? 5 skeins of size 40 and 5 of size 20.  What happened... it's really beautiful, but not what I was looking for.

Why did I do this though?? Well, Livi was outside playing, so I took the cones and the swift outside to wind up some skeins.  One of Livi little friends came over and asked what I was doing and asked if she could help.  I love help, even if its not all together productive.  Just the company is nice. :o)

So, Kayla is probably 8 or 9 years old and she was asking about what I was going to do with the string.  She wanted to watch me dye some.  So, she asked her mom if she could come over in the backyard and play with Livi while I dyed some thread.  

She thought it was fascinating, and I thought it was fun.

And here is part of Anne B.'s Dragon wing doily
This would make for a lovely late summer / autumn colorway.  Don't you think?

I'll call this one... Torch Lily Wannabee.... no just kidding

I have no idea... it's definitely a limited supply color so if you want one, just tell me.  Maybe we can work out a barter system for them.

I would put them in the shop, but I don't want someone to get hooked on it the way it is, and then want more... and then when I get it the way I want it, .... anyway you can use your imagination to finish that thought process if you want lol.

So, just leave a message or email me if you want to trade something for one of these.  I have four 50 yard skeins of size 40 (I used one of them) and five 50 yard skeins of size 20.

What kinds of things will I accept?  I don't know lol  Maybe you have a craft outside of tatting... that would be a good place to start :o)  

A list of things that I adore:
ATC cards
colors pink and purple
also bold colors
crocheted dolls/ animals
funny/ quirky items
^the dorkier the better
Diet Dr. Pepper (seriously... it borders on being a problem)
stamps (rubber stamps not mailing stamps)
embossing powders
small cosmetic sized bags
beads (of all kinds) 
handmade goodies
**UPDATE** Can't believe I left off these items:
Blue roses
Paisley designs
Hello Kitty

And Livi is a huge fan of Snoopy. (Why Snoopy? I don't know, but she just loves to anything with Snoopy on it) that and Angry Birds which I really do not understand.

So.... any takers??  Perfect way to acquire some lovely HDT while not having to dish out the cash :o)


  1. That is a lovely color! Would you trade for an origami pouch? They make wonderful tatting bags. I especially like working with size 40.

  2. OOOOO, yes!! I have never had one of those, but they look so fun and lovely!! Size 40, you say?
    Offer accepted!! Thank you!!

  3. I have a breath strip container (with breath strips still inside) that I have made a pretty beaded cover for that can be carefully removed and put on a new package. I'd trade it for a skein of size 20 thread. Diane beat me to my favorite origami bags. If you are interested, email me at beadymom at gmail dot com and I'll try to send you a picture of the designs I have available.

  4. Beelizabeth, that sounds interesting :o) I'll email you now. :o)

  5. Hhhhhmmmmm - I think I have some Pearl-Ex powders - I'll check. And a little sewing/tatting/cosmetic size bag. What do you think?

  6. Looks lovely. If you still have any of it when we get together, bring it with you. BTW, I need Livi's wrist size and two of her favorite colors.

  7. Cindy, I adore Pearl Ex powders and small bags. In fact, I kind of go nutty over them. Is your bag handmade by chance? Either way I am certainly interested. So, just shoot me an email and we can further address the details and such.
    Eliz, will do! Oh fun!! Livi's wrist is about 6 inches and her favorite colors are pink and purple!

  8. I love the idea of your barter system! Today's my first day reading your blog and the doily you made with this thread is beautiful! I love to tat and anything with thread, but I also love paper! My offer for size 40 will be a set of 5 handmade cards...your choice of sentiment (and any other specifics). I'll also add some pink beads! Let me know what you think.

  9. Hey Mimi, thank you for coming by my blog, I hope that you will come back! Could you possibly email a picture of an example of one of the cards? I love beads!

  10. If there's any size 40 left, I have 2 skeins of fashion yarn in light pink and bright pink.I'll email you a pic