Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's a balloon, it's a tree, it's a something?

Well, it's really just my one shuttle heart, with a chain going around the outside and finished with a few split rings, but I think it looks like a heart tree. :o)

Whatever you call it, I like it!

This another of my Messy Jess!y's that I did a long-ish time ago.

I hope to get some more Messy Jess!y's done later tonight or tomorrow.

For right now though....

I have a little "special" to offer.
I have a bag of random un-sellable thread. The skeins in the this bag are unsaleable for different reasons.  Maybe I wasn't overly happy with the way the turned out, maybe the skein didn't get dyed all the way through, leaving white spots, maybe I messed up on it some way or another.  Maybe the batch turned out in such a way that made it impossible to photograph and then I just never listed it.  Some are even sample sized and perfectly regular and even pretty colorways.  
I get tired of these skeins stacking/piling up.

So, here is the offer.  For every skein that you buy (from my Etsy shop), I will have Livi pull out a random skein from my random bag to add to your order.
I will have Livi do it so that it will be truly random.  
I have sizes 20, 40, 60 and 80 in this bag.  It's mostly 20 though I 'm thinking, with 40 being a runner up.
(So, if you buy 1 skein, you'll get one random skein.  If you buy 10 skeins, you will get 10 random skeins.)

Not only that, but if you order the unwinding for your skeins, I will go ahead and unwind your extra skeins as well, unless you specify that you would rather they not be unwound.

When you are ordering, use the coupon "Random" or just mention the random special in the message box if you can't get the coupon to work.
The coupon also takes off 5% of the purchase price of the skeins. 



  1. What a great sale! Too bad my tatting thread budget is blown for now. (I think I've also gotten ALL the size 20 colors that are now in the shop that I had to have.) I hope others will be able to take advantage of your generosity...and clear your "oops" pile.

  2. lol, me too Susie, me too! to both the blown budget and hoping my pile goes away. :o)

  3. I do love a sale! Now to go see if my budget will allow me to play!

  4. I think I would call it heart ballon
    Lovely pattern. Nice colours