Wednesday, November 21, 2012

30% coupon LIMITED TIME

So, I just KNOW everyone loves a good sale.  So, Today through Monday (11/26/12) I am offering 30% off everything in my shop.
This means that a skein that normally cost $7.20 is now just slightly over $5.
This is a REALLY great deal.  So good that I cannot  afford to do it often or for very long, but I just adore all of you, and this is my way of saying "Thank You!!"
The coupon code is "THANKSGIVING"

Please enjoy!  Keep in mind that every purchase helps me get Livi Christmas presents.  So, if you are in fence on buying something for yourself this season, maybe you can talk yourself into splurging a little knowing that it means more Christmas for Livi. :o)

She is such a pretty girl! I LOVE her hair. :o)

ALSO!!! Remember Friday is the cut off to enter your name into this week's Secret Santa Giveaway. 
I put a link to entry post on the side. 


  1. Well, I guess you can conclude that I was one of those fence sitters :-) I have been looking and looking and not buying for long enough I suppose :-) Your threads are just too pretty...

  2. Thank you! I just placed an order for more than I can tat in a couple months. I was happy to see the Blue Ridge was one of the "found" colors.

  3. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving Jess!, Livi and all.

  4. Love a good sale! And if it he's bring a smile to that sweet face Christmas morning I'm in!