Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Orange Update, and the more complex edging.

Here it is, the Orange Messy Jess!-y that I blogged about yesterday.  Despite the fact that I am not a big orange fan, I do like this mix.
The edging is the same from the last post from Occhi-Schiffchenspitze - Frivolite.
I like Diane's idea of Dreamsicle.  So I may call this that.  Some reason I think Dreamsicle would do better in my shop over my idea of "Beta Carotene". lolz!

So, here is the more complex edging that I spoke of/ blogged about yesterday: It's from the same book as the other edging.  I looked earlier to see what page it was, but I have forgotten already. 
Go figs.  :o)

It's not a hard edging, but it is a lot of tatting, and takes a lot of thread.  Each of those flowers takes over a yard of thread.  I figured this pattern would take a lot of thread, so I am using my size 60 "Young Hearts" HDT.  I have LOTS of this one.  If you don't remember, I dyed a ball of it to enter into the fair.  It won first place, and I have kept the thread for myself.  

I have no idea what I am going to use this edging for.  It's actually very enjoyable to tat, so I guess I will just keep going until I get tired of it, and then find something to decorate with it. Maybe a pillow case (for a smaller pillow lol) 
In the book, they have an example of this one on a belt.  That looks pretty neat.  However, I don't wear belts, so..... that would be a waist. :o)


  1. I love the orange! I think I would have gone with Beta Carotine, sounds very Jess! like.

  2. I think it looks like Dragon's Fire.

    : )

  3. lol Thanks Neeners! I got a kick out of the Beta Carotene.
    I thought of it in the car while debating over pumpkins, sweet potatos, carrots.... what do all these have in commmon....
    Beta Carotene. lol

    Michelle, it does :o), maybe that could be a selling point. lol

    Eeek, I'm sounding too much like a business woman with that statement.

  4. Love that edging!

    Nix on Beta Carotene! Sounds too pharmaceutical!

    I thought of Orangina, Orange Popsicle, The Florida Floozy and my fave: Savvy Seville. : ))

    Beautiful shades.
    Fox : )

  5. ... I just got your pun! You are too funny!
    Fox : ))

  6. That orange is awesome!!! :) And both edgings are wonderful!!! You are doing a great job on them!! :)

  7. That is orange!
    Dreamsicle is better then Beta Carotene.
    that is a nice edging, and it will take a lot of thread.

  8. Oh, I've done that edging. I have it still, on a food cover I made for myself. It's very pretty, but yeah, it does use a lot of thread.

  9. Lovely orange, and your edging is beautiful, your pillowcase will look lovely on the bed with that edging.

  10. the orange combo is nice. and i like the name – dreamsical!

  11. Ha! You crack me up.

    Dreamsicle is a perfect name for your orange thread. All I can come up with at the moment Blaze Orange Deer Hunter. Or Bonfire Blaze. Can you tell it's deer hunting season here?

  12. I've been using edgings on shirt collars. They get more exposure than pillow cases that way. The orange is quite pretty!

  13. Oh, I would definitely buy a thread called Beta Carotene! But I think you're right, Dreamsicle will probably do better. I'm not an orange person either, but I think that's a wonderful fall blend. I may have to get some to make some more pumpkins!

  14. I too liked the Beta Carotene name! Makes me smile. But I see you went with Dreamsicle... whatever the name, though not an orange fan, I like it!

    The flower edging looks very pretty in Young Hearts (and such a nice name for the thread too).

  15. Thanks everyone! Y'all make me feel so loved with all your fabulous comments!